WJS Proposal

Item #: WJS Proposal

Object Class: Non-Anomalous

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in a server only O5 members can access. Any edits have to be approved by the consensus of the O5 Council.

Laconic Description: This document defines what is and isn't anomalous, according to the O5 Council. Edits have been made from time to time to dismiss or act upon certain events of interest. These edits don't change reality, only how the Council looks at it.

Additional Context: A link at the bottom of the article for access to the full SCP-001 document prompts a security question and asks for a password; any input will work, and you are redirected to a page where there is a message from O5-5. They explain that the Foundation does what it does because the alternative is far worse, but they still have room for human decency and compassion. They scare because they care.

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