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I don't think I'll ever forget that day when the apocalypse crawled out of the sea.

At least, that's how it felt back then at the moment. I was on the beachfront, and the kraken surged out of the water, crashing into the city itself. From where I was standing at the time it felt like the whole world was about to end.

I'd never seen anything like, and I still haven't to this day. That thing was practically ripped from a kaiju movie, hundreds of feet tall and absolutely monstrous. You ever seen anything else with both arms and tentacles, not to mention five of each? I didn't think so.

That thing destroyed Hy-Brasil. Yeah, I know that it didn't actually do too much to the city, but it crippled the city to the point where it'd never get better. I've stayed behind because I can't imagine leaving, but this city hasn't been the same since the attack.

Hell, that's not even counting all of the fallout and complications resulting from the event. I still see MC&D churning out ads to sell the caviar they ripped from the squid twenty years later. Twenty years! And from what I hear, they've got enough stock left over to last them another twenty.

It makes sense, I suppose. Hy-Brasil practically was the anomalous community at the time, and everybody who was living here at the time felt it's impact. It's not really odd that everybody who lived here would try to make something out of it, and get the most out of an awful situation like that.

I'm not sure if we'll ever stop talking about it.

-Testimony from Fodla Ernmasson, lifelong Hy-Brasil resident, 2008

A previously unknown anomalous entity, now known by many names: LTE-0851-Cetus. The Crocodilian Kraken. The Crocosquid. The Reptilic Cephalopod. The Colossal Aquamorph Entity. The Dread Behemoth. The Squid Ispolin. Crocoteuthis gigantis. 𒀭𒋾𒊩𒆳.

The thing that destroyed Hy-Brasil.

There are some events that change the world, events of such great magnitude that everyone alive feels their impact.

Not all of these events occur in the mundane world.

On June 13th, 1988, a three hundred foot tall monster crawled out of the waters surrounding a mystical island out of Irish myth and besieged the land before it was killed. In the aftermath, the island was left ruined and desolate.

But the story doesn't end there. The fallout and the aftermath of this event still continues to this day. Powerful groups attempted to exploit the events of that day, bending what happened to their own myth. There are not many commonalities within the anomalous community, but one was forged upon that day.




Some Foundation canons focus on different worlds, with great differences from the "core canon" of the SCP-verse. Others focus on different groups of interest, or branches of the Foundation. This one is a bit different - it focuses on a singular event and the aftermath of it.

War on All Fronts is a canon that exists in a mostly traditional view of the SCP-universe. It's less of a "different world" but an overaching plotline that exists in a standard interpretation of the SCP-verse. All of the major GoIs are in play, they all act according to their normal plan. The Masquerade exists, and everything is, (for the most part) normal.

War on All Fronts deals with a kaiju attack, occuring in 1988. This attack was devastating, and destroyed one of the largest anomalous freeport cities in the world. Almost every major Group of Interest got involved, and everyone wants a slice of the action.

This was originally concieved as a project to incorporate one document of every GoI into a single, cohesive narrative, and evolved from that. While the eventual and ideal goal would be to have every single GoI format as a part of the canon, that's not the current plan.

Right now, this is an attempt to create a living, breathing world. The world of War on All Fronts is highly interconnected, and intertwined. Events that happen are refrequently cross-referenced, and everything blends together into a fluid world. This is an exercise in cohesive worldbuilding.

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