Tufto's Proposal

Item #: Tufto's Proposal

Object Class: Keter Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: It's self-containing as long as no one talks about it.

Laconic Description: The Scarlet King, an entity representative of antiquity's hatred for modernity that was accidentally given a physical form by the early Foundation's attempts to quantify, define, and contain him. He gains strength and influence from being studied, since this increases the friction between old and new; by not talking about/quantifying him, no friction is made, and his influence is weakened.

As Dr. Montauk, orchestrator of Procedure 110 Montauk investigates the true nature of the Scarlet King, he learns of SCP-001's nature and its origins. Due to his success in fully comprehending the King and his ideology, Montauk is overtaken by the King's influence, even calling himself a Child of the Scarlet King by the end of the article.

Additional Context: Tufto's Proposal mentions several SCPs closely associated with the Scarlet King, the obvious SCP-231 among them, and SCP-2317. The latter is described in-article as being an iteration of the Scarlet King, but not the entire King himself.

This article was also an originally an entry in the Doomsday Contest for Team "End-of-the-Contest Scenario."

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