Tufto's Proposal

Item #: Tufto's Proposal

Object Class: Keter Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: It's self-containing as long as no one talks about it.

Laconic Description: SCP-001 is the Scarlet King, an entity representative of antiquity's hatred for modernity that was accidentally given a physical form by the early Foundation's attempts to quantify, define, and contain him. He gains strength and influence from being studied since this increases the friction between old and new; by not talking about/quantifying him, no conflict occurs, and his power weakens.

As Dr. Montauk, orchestrator of Procedure 110 Montauk investigates the true nature of the Scarlet King, he learns of SCP-001's essence and origins. Due to his success in fully comprehending the King and his ideology, Montauk is overtaken by the King's influence, even calling himself a Child of the Scarlet King by the end of the article.

Additional Context: Tufto's Proposal mentions several SCPs closely associated with the Scarlet King, the obvious SCP-231 among them, and SCP-2317. The latter is described in-article as being an iteration of the Scarlet King, but not the entire King himself.

This article was originally an entry in the Doomsday Contest for Team "End-of-the-Contest Scenario."

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