UIU Location Dossier - - "Three Portlands"

The City of Three Portlands is a triangle-shaped extradimensional city inhabited by members of the anomalous community. Three Portlands can be accessed by hidden entrances in Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon; and the Isle of Portland, UK.

History: Three Portlands was created sometime in the 1800s and was first inhabited by refugees from the island of Avalon. After WW2, it became a haven for criminals, including the Chicago Spirit, came under the full jurisdiction of the FBI, and was assaulted by the Obskuracorps.

Three Portlands massively increased in population following the tightening of the veil after WW2, becoming the base of several GOIs, and actually somehow managed to keep itself secret from the foundation in 1970.

Topography, Geography, and Climate: Three Portlands is made up of two connected paraboloids that are constantly expanding. Iconic buildings in Three Portlands include the City Hall, Cambrium Circle, the 7th Occult War memorial park, the headquarters of Prometheus Labs, the Docks District, and Deer College.

Government and Law: Three Portlands is controlled by its City Council and has its own police, assisted by security golems.

Transportation and Infrastructure: Three Portlands is covered in streets and alleyways not suitable for most vehicles. Public transportation is provided by trolleys and auto-rickshaws. Three Portlands also has its own anomalous intranet.

Education: Most residents of Three Portlands are homeschooled or attend independent community schools, including Deer College and Reed College.

Demographics and Culture: Three Portlands is inhabited by members of the anomalous community, including thaumaturges, psychics, cyborgs, reality benders, shapeshifters, ghosts, spirits, sidhe, intelligent animals, conceptual entities, and more.

Industry and Economy: Most of the Three Portlands economy is focused on producing anomalous technology, and the GOC has hired agents from Three Portlands in the past. Three Portlands does not have its own currency.

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