The Beast Beneath the Library

Tale: The Beast Beneath the Library

Summary: Experiments on SCP-4051 are not going anywhere, so in order to continue getting funding, Site Director Thomas Graham sends him on a low-threat containment mission to prove to his superiors how valuable SCP-4051 is to the Foundation. The mission includes members from MTF Psi-7 (“Home Improvement”) and one from MTF Sigma-3 (“Bibliographers”), a taciturn thaumaturgist named Morgan. The mission goes south and the team is all dragged into an extra-dimensional space by a giant spider and her minions. SCP-4051 is saved due to quick thinking and violates direct orders by entering the other dimension to save the team.

After being saved, Morgan reveals that this dimension is beneath the Wanderer’s Library and it is where the Library banished threats to knowledge. While trying to track down the rest of the team, SCP-4051 discovers it can create the opposite of things. Once the opposite is pulled out of its portal, it and the real thing cancel out and are destroyed.

SCP-4051 and Morgan are attacked by an entity1 which attempts to convince SCP-4051 to abandon the Foundation because they have hurt him so badly. SCP-4051 refuses, so the entity enters his mind to possess him. To prevent this, the Foundation activates a Type-S “Slow Burn” amnestic implanted in SCP-4051, which should erase all his memories since the amnestic was applied. Instead, this leads to SCP-4051’s total mental collapse. After destroying much of the extra-dimensional space and terminating the giant spider, thereby saving the team, SCP-4051 is recontained.

In an email communication between Dr. David Edwards and Site Director Graham, Graham reveals that the incident has led to a complete review by the Ethics Committee of Dr. Edwards’ behavior and that he will probably be fired.

Additional Context: The author, NagirosNagiros, is planning on using the characters from this article in a story appearing throughout her articles. SCP-4051 has thusfar appeared in SCP-4260, where it reanimates Death. More appearances are planned.

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