Tanhony's Proposal

Item #: Tanhony's Proposal

Object Class: Thaumiel

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep him securely housed at Site-01 with a full medical staff. Remove all mentions of G.o.I. 6616 "The Eternal Circle" from everywhere except Site-01 servers.

Laconic Description: An old man who was merged with the concept of death; manipulating his body can affect how death functions, and (if manipulated correctly) can make people exempt from death.

After the O5 Council manipulates SCP-001 to make themselves immortal, the Ethics Committee decides to kill and replace all of them. A large battle breaks out between the two groups' personal task forces, as well the Administrator's own.

In the end, the Administrator breaks into SCP-001's cell, revokes the O5 Council's immortality, and then kills himself in front of SCP-001, rendering himself un-resurrect-able.

Additional Context: The story is partially told through a series of interactions with archival A.I.s, which help narrate the scene as it unfolds.

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