Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: When talking about SCP-4000 (or any person, place, or thing inside SCP-4000), you cannot use names or titles. Instead, you must use a unique drawn-out description every time, like the woods where you need to speak carefully, or the glen of stolen names, or something. At least one exploration of SCP-4000 needs to take place per year.

Laconic Description: SCP-4000 is a forest world that can be entered if you complete a certain ritual. When you enter this world, you emerge from a well and have to walk down a path until you loop back around to where you began.

Anomalous creatures live in SCP-4000. They undergo weird mutations now and again and don't like it. Some are hostile, but some are trustworthy.

If someone uses a consistent name or title for SCP-4000 (or any singular person, place, or thing inside it), weird things happen, usually hallucinations or appearances of SCP-4000's creatures and their matter in the real world.

There are strict rules you must follow in SCP-4000. Among these:

  • Don't call anything by a consistent name.
  • Don't answer to a consistent name.
  • Always accept gifts, but do not consume them.
  • If a ghost tells you it isn't a creature, obey it.

Interview Log 4000_0215: After two prior ventures into SCP-4000, a Dr. Japers meets a rabbit-man, who speaks of a long-ago war between their people and humanity. They express a desire to one day return to the real world, where they were born. Dr. Japers mistakenly responds to the name "fellow scholar" twice in a row. "Dr. Japers" returns from SCP-4000, but goes missing, while "the rabbit" is abandoned in SCP-4000. Analysis of Dr. Japers's bunny fur shows no signs of contaminants.

Additional Context: The "creatures" inhabiting SCP-4000 are the Fae, who O5-1 eradicated during the 1911 Factory siege. Whatever weapon unmade them, they are now banished to this glen without names or identities, constantly shifting and uncertain.

By naming Dr. Japers, the rabbit took the opportunity to steal his character. Names are powerful things—both in the land of the Fae and on the other side of the well. They tie you to who you are. If your name becomes someone else's, who's to say what else of yours is theirs, too?

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