Project #: SPC-507

Laconic Capabilities: An operation to deter RED NETHER, something attacking nearby universes, from their universe.

Laconic Component(s): Consists of a singular component (ROGUE AMARANTH) and has 4 subcomponents

FASH: Scans threats in nearby universes
TOP: Opens up portals to nearby universes
CERULEAN EXPANSE: Cetacean allies that are natural enemies of Selachians
CHARYBDIS: Special forces unit outfitted with biochemical and cybernetic enhancements.

RED NETHER are heralds of SPC-001.

Laconic Augmentation Summary: FASH and TOP can't engage in pugilism with Selachians unless they are adapted for use in CHARYBDIS operations. TOP was invented by Dr. Mike Tyson.

Laconic Enhanced Summary: CERULEAN EXPANSE is a species of cetacean entities that once rivalled the megalodon. CHARYBDIS is a team of frogmen capable of fighting with underwater breathing equipment.

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