Security Clearance Levels


Foundation security clearances indicate what type of information a certain person can view in the Foundation

Level 0 (For Official Use Only)

Level 0 clearance is given to people who don't need to know information regarding anomalies but still work for the Foundation, such as janitors and people in logistics.

Level 1 (Confidential)

Level 1 clearance is given to people who work near or indirectly with an anomalous object, but not actually interact with them.

Level 2 (Restricted)

Level 2 clearance is given to people who need direct info regarding an anomaly for their line of work.

Level 3 (Secret)

Level 3 clearance is given to people who need in-depth information regarding the origin and plans for the object.

Level 4 (Top Secret)

Level 4 clearance is given to people who need information regarding Foundation wide projects.

Level 5 (Thaumiel)

Level 5 clearance is given to people who are seen as the highest ranking members of the Foundation and get access to almost all Foundation information. Level 5 clearance is mostly given to O5 Members and some staff.

Personnel Classifications

Classifications are assigned to personnel based on their proximity to potentially dangerous anomalous objects, entities, or phenomena.

Class A

Class A personnel are those deemed extremely important to all Foundation operations and projects, and are not allowed to interact with anomalies for any reason.

Class B

Class B Personnel are those deemed essential to local Foundation operations, and can only access anomalies after large amounts of preparation to prevent death.

Class C

Class C personnel are personnel with direct access to most anomalies that are not seen as hostile/dangerous.

Class D

Class D personnel are personnel that are used to handle dangerous anomalies, and cannot come into contact with Class A or Class B personnel. They are drawn from either prisons or from death row. In an emergency, D-Class personnel may be obtained from other sources, such as political prisoners, refugees or

Class E

Class E personnel are those who have been exposed and affected by an unknown anomalous effect. Class E Personnel are quarantined as soon as possible, and can only return to work when fully cleared of anomalous effects.

Staff Titles

These are general occupational titles that are typically used in the Foundation.

Site Staff

Containment Specialist

Containment specialists have two jobs: to contain newly discovered anomalous objects, and to create and perfect containment unites and containment procedures for anomalies in Foundation control.


Researchers are scientists and are the smartest and best trained scientists from arond the world. There are researchers in every field imaginable, and serve as a way of gaining a better understanding of anomalies and how they work.

Security Officer

Security officers safeguard security regarding Foundation projects, locations and personnel. They also defend against hostile forces that attack Foundation facilities.

Tactical Response Officer

Response teams specialize in escorting containment teams that are carrying highly dangerous/hostile anomalies and are also involved in defending Foundation facilities against attacks.

Field Personnel

Field Agent

Field agents are trained to look for and scout out signs of anomalous activity, often while undercover or embedded in local services such as hospitals. Field agents aren't usually built for combat/handling anomalies, and will call for help when they have found an anomaly.

Mobile Task Force Operative

Mobile Task Forces are people composed of field personnel trained to deal with anomalous threats of a specific nature that is different for each MTF. An MTF team can be anything from field researchers that are not equipped for combat, or highly armed groups that are trained to deal with very hostile anomalies.


Site Director

Site directors are the highest-ranking people at a certain site, and are responsible for the function of that site and all of its contained anomalies. All major department directors report to the Site Director, who reports to the O5 Council.

O5 Council Member

The O5 Council are the highest ranking members in the entire Foundation with complete access to information regarding all contained anomalies and Foundation projects. O5 Council members are only known by their numeric designation (O5-1 through O5-13).

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