Secure Facilities Locations

Facility Designations

Covert facilities, existence known to public, often designed as government or corporate buildings, usually built near civilian populations.

Clandestine (top secret) facilities, public is unaware of it's existence, built far from civilian populations, extreme fail-safe measures such as on site nuclear warheads.

Facility Sections

Sections of sites or areas used for containment, research, storage, etc. Exact usage varies.

Self-contained sections of sites or areas that contain extremely dangerous anomalies, people who go in usually have to undergo a full decontamination procedure.

Tell what the facility/section is used for

High physical security, contain violent and hostile entities and/or are at risk of outside attack. Usually have military grade weaponry and are overstaffed in guards.
(Keter stuff)

Biological (Bio)
Deal with infectious or biohazardous entities. Isolated and self contained to prevent escape.
(Diseases and stuff)

Standard containment for anomalies
(Normal-ish SCP stuff)

Dimensional (Dim)
Deal with entities that can cause wormholes and alter spacetime.
(Portals and stuff)

Contain human like entities
(Human like stuff)

Safe zones free of anomalies
(Bunkers and stuff)

Built around an immobile anomaly
(Decoy killer game show warehouses and stuff)

Handle artifacts of religious or historical significance
(Stone tablets and stuff)

Handling and study of anomalies
(Science and stuff)

Long-term storage of non-anomalies
(Warehouses and stuff)

Facilities with a non-standard organizational structure

Observation Posts
Small facilities all over the place used to look for signs of SCPs and keep an eye on the foundation facilities.

Small facilities located near a Site or an Area, used to contain immobile anomalies or to monitor anomalous locations.

Facilities List (Abridged)
Partial list of facilities

Site-01 (Protected Site-01, Overwatch HQ)
Safe zone for data backup and meeting place for the higher-ups; location classified

Site-06-3 (Humanoid Containment Site-06-3)
Contains low-risk human and humanoid entities; Moved twice, now in Lorraine region of France.
Contains: SCP-069, SCP-706, SCP-1669, SCP-1702

(Still unfinished) <3

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