Item #: SCP-SPAM-J

Laconic Containment Procedures: None.

Laconic Description: SCP-SPAM-J is an organisation known as the SPAM-ish Inquisition. It was founded by SCP-SPAM-01-J a white, male, Norse-pagan high-school student living in the south-eastern U.S.A. SCP-SPAM-01-J calls himself "Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs" and is the leader, founder and (at the time of the creation of this entry) only active member. The goal of the Inquisition is simply to convince the world that SPAM, the Meat that Comes in a Can, is one of the best foodstuffs of all time!

Additional Context: The name "SPAM-ish Inquisition" is a play-on-words of "Spanish Inquisition", and the mantra "Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs" is a play on the name "Cardinal Ximinez" (pronounced "HIM-uh-nezz"), the name of the leader of the Spanish Inquisition. The SPAM-ish Inquisition itself is an organisation created by MCDungeonWizard, who is SCP-SPAM-01-J, Cardinal Ham'NEggs, and the author of this article. The inspiration came partly from Monty Python. DO NOT EDIT THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! NO-ONE EXPECTS THE SPAM-ISH INQUISITION! (The fact that the last two sentences rhyme is purely unintentional, btw.)

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