Item #: SCP-991

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in a sealed container in Site-19. SCP-991-1 may not be stored if SCP-991-2 is present. SCP-991-1 can be used for interrogation with the permission of class-4 personnel

Laconic Description: SCP-991-1 is a syringe, which if injected into a blood vessel of a human and drawn, SCP-991-1 fills with a black substance which is called SCP-991-2. Once this subject is drawn from the first person, the syringe cannot be pressed unless if pressed on to another human that is not the first person.

When the second person is injected with SCP-991-2 through SCP-991-1 that person will instantly take the thoughts emotions and memories of the first person.

Additional Context: SCP-991 was taken from a Mental Institution.

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