Item number of the object
Is SCP Nine-three-one,
But I think two lines is sufficient enough.

Now, look,
There are Containment Procedures,
But they are Laconic.

Its contained in a locker;
Needs Level 2 access to use it,
But its needed a Level 3 allowance.

There are no images here;
But there is text referring to it,
So the file is affected in any way.

The Laconic Description of it: its a simple bowl,
That is used to eat rice,
That is white and blue.

Three inches tall,
Four point five inches in diameter,
(Place to say that metric still dont fit).

There should be known the producer,
But it was probably made by the unknown,
Late Nineteen Cents.

When people see it or use it,
It makes them write in haiku,
(Does that actually needs a third line?).

Speech is not affected,
But it is still written in haiku.
(Well, another useless third line. Laconic protocol).

Effects seems to wear off,
But just after a few hours,
(Seems to vary.)

There was made a test with another anomaly;
Locked in haiku.

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