Item #: SCP-775

Laconic Containment Procedures: Get robots to interact with SCP-775 if interaction is needed, or heavy hazmat suits if humans are needed. If someone has a hole in said suit, quarantine and prevent infection as soon as possible. Steel is to be used to coat the chamber, without compromising the structure. Maintain the airlock that leads to the entrance of the chamber, and bleach the entire lock if even one instance of SCP-775 is detected, along with spraying the chamber itself to prevent overpopulation of SCP-775.

Laconic Description: SCP-775 is a tick that appears to be much larger than a normal tick, specifically as big as a US nickel pre-feeding, capable of swelling to four times it's size (at the cost of movement). It's also quite tough and versatile, being immune to most physical damage and being able to damage concrete with it's legs, as well as being to slide through quarter-inch gaps. If SCP-775 manages to infect a victim, it will slowly eat all the tissue/blood in the subject, leaving it hollow once it's done. During this process, SCP-775 will give birth to about 20-30 new instances (which become reproduction-capable in two days), usually on the subject's body. Once the subject is fully hollowed out, SCP-775 will lay a lot of eggs inside the subject's skin, and look for more hosts to infect.

Additional Context: It already managed to eat a family before containing it, and anything related to the incident is to be kept as a future reference.

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