Item #: SCP-715

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-715 is contained at Site-81 in a maximum security storage locker. Known instances of SCP-715-B are not to be interacted with.

Laconic Description: SCP-715 is a photo booth that produces distorted photographs of those that use the object. SCP-715-A refers to organisms resembling the distorted photographs.

SCP-715-A refers to individuals who have used SCP-715 and have had their appearance altered to resemble the distorted photographs. Through unknown means, SCP-715-A instances are transported to Site 81/715, a large pit lined with tissue similar to human fat. Instances will be created upon SCP-715's activation and will attempt to exit Site 81/715 by any means necessary. SCP-715-B refers to entities which exit SCP-715 in place of the original subjects. They appear to be normal humans, but are in fact identical to the distorted photographs. It is unknown how many uncontained instances exist.

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