Item #: SCP-694

Laconic Containment Procedures: The neighborhood that 694 is in has been evacuated with a cover story and has been converted into Security Post-48. The roads that SCP-694 take place on have been closed off & MTF Zeta-101 is to remove public awareness of SCP-694.

Laconic Description: SCP-694 is a 38-minute looping anomaly since 2004 involving 4 individuals:

  • SCP-694-1 - Alexander Lang, 52
  • SCP-694-2 - Philip Lang, 6
  • SCP-694-3 - "Jake"
  • SCP-694-4 - "Elwood"

SCP-694-3 and -4 kidnap -2, and -1 chases them down in cars until -3 and -4 crash the car into a ravine with -2 inside. -1 pulls out a notepad and draws a symbol on the cardboard with chalk. He asks it to repeat the last 38 minutes exactly the way it was. Then, all related individuals materialize and repeat the last 38 minutes.

Additional Context: This article's original author has since deleted their account. However, the article was a collaboration between the original author, Dr Hysteria, and another user named "Voct".

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