Item #: SCP-6664

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: It's stored in a greenhouse in Site-103. Site-86. Site-87. Site-91. Site-43. Don't Climb it to make sure its branches don't break.
Leave all trees produced by the seedling event in their respective sites. You can't remove it from SCiPNet so don't try to. It has made threats towards the Foundation but it hasn't been of any significant danger to the Foundation so just ignore them.

Laconic Description: It is:

a tree which when climbed by a child, will teleport them to an abandoned warehouse. The only way to escape it is to go to a small closet in the warehouse containing an item of strong personal significance which was considered lost at one point and pick up that item.

when harmed by a human being, will reflect that pain back to the human who applied it in a smaller quantity and attach a note to the person telling them not to do it again.

when approached by Dr King, will cause all fruits on the tree to disappear, leaving the seeds. Said seeds are able to manipulate where they land. Usually using this to make contact with Dr King when falling.

when a human is pricked by its thorns, will cause euphoria in that person, followed by hallucinations of voices praising that person for being pricked by it.

when one of its cones is set on fire, will cause said cone to explode, releasing a number of cones which wouldn't be able to fit inside the initial cone. They will grow anomalously fast, growing to full size over the span of 4 days. Said trees are otherwise non-anomalous.

It's a SCiPNet user called DChance. It can create anomalous plant life at will, causing all 5 of the above to come into existence and manipulating causality to trick multiple Foundation researchers into thinking that the slot's document was a mistake, causing it to be rewritten 5 times. This was an attempt to cause chaos within the research department of the Foundation.

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