Item #: SCP-665

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-665 is contained in an either stainless steel or metal room. He is not to leave his room under any circumstances apart from when a containment breach takes place. For this instance, he has a specially constructed stainless steel crate. SCP-665's bed consists of a single mattress, constructed to have a mass over 1000 kg. You are not to touch SCP-665 unless you perform the action with bare skin. Physical contact is to be kept a minimum.

Laconic Description: SCP-665 is a human male, age [REDACTED] . Any sold object with a mass less of SCP-665 itself will instantly attach or fuse to his body. After an hour, the object will become a part of SCP-665's body. Any object attached to SCP-665 will also effect other smaller objects in the same way. It was observed that SCP-665's cardiovascular system expanded to include the items on his body.

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