Item #: SCP-628

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't let anyone near it without permission. Don't let anyone but D-class near it without earthquake detectors and really good earplugs. Anything you build near it should be able to stand up to an earthquake. If the wind suddenly picks up near it, everyone should go to a soundproof room. A Mobile Task Force of plant experts will help take care of it and keep it healthy.

Laconic Description: It's a group of hollow, leafless sycamore trees that are all connected underground by big hollow roots. When the wind blows over the broken ends of their trunks, the trees make music, just like a person can make sounds by blowing over the mouth of an empty soda bottle. They sound like a pipe organ, except they're pitched really, really low, which means they can scare people or make them hallucinate. (That part isn't anomalous.) Sometimes they play real-world classical music, but sometimes they make up their own songs.

We tried to cut it down once. Before the chainsaws got very far, the wind suddenly picked up, and the trees started playing Bach organ music. They were loud enough to hurt people, break things, and cause a really small earthquake. When the researcher tried again (and got yelled at), the same thing happened, except that afterwards, the trees healed really fast and really oddly.

Additional Context: The author came up with the idea for SCP-628 after seeing a big broken-off tree. Someone had put a metal cap over the broken end, which made it look a little like a clarinet.

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