Item #:* SCP-6183

Object Class: Radix (Item has been integrated into the Foundation's command structure)

Laconic Containment Procedures: Despite the benefits of SCP-6183, a way to effectively contain it is to be developed as soon as possible.

Laconic Description: SCP-6183 is an unregistered department of the foundation called the Department of Deletions, which is composed of the disconnected body parts of foundation members from articles that have been deleted. SCP-6183 is based out of an unregistered facility beneath Site-19.

SCP-6183 is capable of temporarily "deleting" other SCPs, with after a period of time the SCP either remanifesting itself somewhere else of imposing itself over another SCP. This also caused an immense amount of SCiPNET data to corrupt and cause a communications blackout that basically destroyed the foundation.

Additional Context: SCP-6183 is a part of the ADMONITION Series.

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