Item #: SCP-6170

Object Class: Draugr (Item is considered Neutralised or Decommissioned, but ongoing anomalous phenomena originates from them)

Laconic Containment Procedures: It's stored in a Cryogenic Vault in Area-34. You're allowed to access it if you have the permission of 1 O5 member and the SCP-6170 Project Head. Don't dissect, modify or desecrate it at all. Any anomaly effected or created by SCP-6170-A should be designated as SCP-6170-B.

Laconic Description: SCP-6170 was the gorilla Harambe, which prior to his death caused anomalies which went near it to be neutralised or weakened. When it died, no effects were recorded, however, the effects of anomalies began to be strengthened after it was destroyed. That and also reality is deteriorating now.

For example, SCP-682 escaped into a mountain range after a containment breach and transformed into a tree which bears smaller clones of SCP-682, all the minds that SCP-963 had overridden had resurfaced at the same time, meaning they were all fighting over control of the same body, SCP-4999 started appearing at birthings instead of deaths, SCP-2000 had collapsed in on itself, and animals started gaining sentience, as well as other effects.

An attempt was made to resurrect SCP-6170 which worked, but it ended up killing the Project Head after being resurrected. That, and also it did nothing to stop the increase in anomalies.

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