Item #: SCP-6125

Object Class: Keter / Uncontained

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-6125 is the entire universe, so cannot be contained.

Laconic Description: SCP-6125 refers to the structure of the universe. There are currently 4 layers: Hyrial (which contains Alagadda and the Forest of the Nameless), Dreas (The human subconscious, home to the Oneiroi Collective), Base Reality, and Adlivun (which contains Corbenic and other afterlives).

It was later discovered that their are 3 additional layers only accessible from a series of metal obelisks in Milneland, Greenland. They are known as the Great Wastes (a desert inhabited by Pattern Screamers), Tumulus (which contains SCP-5005), and Icarusium (which no taskforces have returned from).

Additional Context: SCP-6125 was an entry in the SCP-6000 Contest, where it won 51st place.

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