Item #: SCP-610

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area infected by it has been isolated with cooperation from the Russian government. Any infected leaving the area are to be terminated and incarcerated ASAP. Anyone who makes contact with it is to be terminated. In case of containment failure, the area is to be obliterated.

Description: SCP-610 is a contagious skin disease that can be transferred via physical contact. Infected undergo horrific mutations that turn them into fleshy non-humanoid creatures. Infected are semi-sapient and extremely hostile to non-infected life. The disease is limited to a small area in Siberia that is contained by a joint Foundation-Russian effort; the threat posed by SCP-610 is thus considered Neutralized, at least for now.

The disease is apparently "The FLESH" described in Sarkicism, the main antagonists to The Church of The Broken God.

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