Item #: SCP-6014

Object Class: Keter, then Resplendent

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't enter it, evacuate civilians away from it to Site-300, and try to find a way to slow it down. Find the O5 Council too.

Laconic Description: SCP-6014 is a zone spreading outward from China that "naturalizes" man-made things and people. SCP-6014-A is an infohazard that causes people aware of SCP-6014 to not want to run from it. 97% of the world is affected immediately, with the remaining 3% eventually succumbing too.

The article follows a Foundation analyst using PANOPTICON to monitor SCP-6014 and look for the O5 Council which went missing around the time SCP-6014 appeared. Over time the researcher slowly succumbs to SCP-6014-A as she watches the action unfold from her monitoring station. In the end, she gladly accepts her fate, being the last person on Earth that SCP-6014 reaches.

Additional Context: SCP-6014 is implied to have been created by the O5 Council in order to euthanize humanity ahead of the advent of an undefined threat apparently so unspeakable that that even humanity's souls need to be unmade to avoid suffering from it. Faced with this dilemma, the O5s agree that extinguishing humanity is "all for the better."

SCP-6014 was an entry in the SCP-6000 contest, where it won 58th place.

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