Item #: SCP-6008

Object Class: Undefined, then Thaumiel

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it alive. SCP-6008 is kept aboard Primary Containment Vessel Noah's Ark.

Laconic Description: Originally, SCP-6008 is O5-12, the last living non-anomalous organism on Earth after a series of global natural disasters makes Earth uninhabitable. An artificial intelligence named Noah.aic is tasked with keeping him alive and protecting a database containing the genetic information of all life on Earth. Eventually O5-12 dies, Noah realizes Earth will never be habitable again, and it chooses to look for another world to restart life on.

In the file's current iteration, SCP-6008 is the database of genetic information, which is being transported on an interstellar ark called Noah's Ark run by Noah.aic.

Additional Context: The addendum describing Noah's journey shows it visiting multiple stars over the course of several centuries, failing to find any habitable worlds. At the very end, after an ever-increasing estimated travel distance/time, a message simply reads "TRANSMISSION LOST."

SCP-6008 was an entry in the SCP-6000 Contest, where it won 24th place.

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