Item #: SCP-5808

Object Class: Neutralized

Laconic Containment Procedures: Currently accepting proposals for the neutralization of SCP-5808-2.

Laconic Description: An astronomical phenomenon affecting Peter Westbrook and a lunar satellite (SCP-5808-1 and SCP-5808-2) created upon SCP-5808-1's birth. On August 25 (SCP-5808-1's birth), SCP-5808-2 will increase in magnitude.

Any damage done to either SCP-5808-1 or SCP-5808-2 will cause damage to the other.

Additional Context: A neutralization attempt of SCP-5808-2 (The removal of SCP-5808-2 from Earth's orbit) was approved.

The neutralization attempt failed, with Dr. Westbrook killing SCP-5808-1 after sustaining fatal injuries, with SCP-5808-2 disappearing after its death.

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