Item #: SCP-579

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it in Site-62C, isolated from any another site. Personnel not involved with its containment are to not know. The site is made for SCP-579 specifically. The site is equipped with direct communication to high command which should be used to send all reports and notifications through. The site SCP-579 is contained in is inside SCP-004.

If any measurement changes, have it be it actual changes or a bug causes it, Action 10-Israfil-A is to be commenced.

Action 10-Israfil-A is to completely stop anyone from entering or exiting SCP-579's site.

Action 10-Israfil-B should be commenced if the reports to high command and measurements continue to be off for more than 7 minutes. 10-Israfil-B is to destroy SCP-004, the entrance to Site-62.

Laconic Description: No direct description isn't given but the article collectively implies that whatever SCP-579 is, it's so catastrophically dangerous that the Foundation itself has simply given up on actively containing it, and leaves the reader's imagination to create whatever SCP-579 actually is.

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