Item #: SCP-๐•

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't mention any numbers in its file and keep knowledge of it under wraps. All info about it is to be stored on a special computer that doesn't use binary coding.

A computer is to randomly generate an incredibly large number that humanity will most likely never have to use at any point in the future and "feed" it to SCP-๐• once every year.

Laconic Description: SCP-๐• is a mathematical set of numbers that do not exist. If a number is affected by it, that effected number ceases to exist and cannot be used, processed, or conceptualized, even by computers.

Additional Context: At some point someone assigned SCP-๐• a number designation, (implied to be 5789) and accidentally erased that number from existence, causing a series of computer and system failures worldwide as systems tried and failed to process that number, so the SCP Foundation made an algorithm to round up the number '5789' to minimize influences. Previous to containment some people might have made more numbers vanish. A researcher theorizes that if this were to happen to a smaller number that is used even more widely, then society would simply collapse. So what if someone writes the number 1?

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