SCP-5118: The Shapeshifter

Object #: SCP-5118

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Methods: SCP-5118 must always be held in a solid combination of Titanium, Iron, Concrete, and Diamond box at ALL times, but even though if you have that there is still a chance that SCP-5118 will escape. If SCP-5118 Splits keep them in a box 5ft*5ft*5ft (1.524m*1.524m*1.524m) large area and keep them there for 30 minutes. Do not look at SCP-5118-a or SCP-5118-b live while they are in the small box as they will not fuse to SCP-5118. Do not keep inbox for longer than 30 minutes as SCP-5118 is claustrophobic and will instantly kill anyone within 100 feet (30.48 meters) after being in the box by itself for longer than 25 minutes.

Description: SCP-5118 is a shapeshifter that can teleport and at any time can turn into two split versions of itself. SCP-5118-a is a happy shapeshifter that has no desire to hurt anyone. SCP-5118-b is the opposite of SCP-5118-a who is angry and wants to kill any human that wants to contain it. However, it cannot kill the people who are containing it. It can kill anyone else that it desires too. When both are contained in different 5ft*5ft*5ft boxes, there is a chance that they will swap positions. If they are in the same closed container if they try and swap, they will instead fuse/form together. This was discovered by Ana Fredrick. The teleport ability is complicated. If SCP-5118 wants to teleport to a living being and will do a body swap. If it however wants to teleport to a location without swapping it will do that. The cooldown for the direct teleport is about 1 hour.

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