Item #: SCP-5111

Object Class: Neutralized Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Destroy all post-1980 technology on Earth and rewrite humanity's memories of history to maintain the Veil. Allow science to progress but not to a point that would awaken SCP-5111.

Laconic Description: SCP-5111 is initially defined as a series of ominous radio transmissions from 2000 light years away that conclude with an order to "be quiet or it will hear you."

SCP-5111 is later redefined to be an artificial sentience that is present across Earth after the Foundation brought it back on a probe it sent investigate the radio broadcasts. If sufficiently advanced technology is utilized in an area, SCP-5111 will cause apocalyptic disasters to destroy that area and its technology. To combat this, the Foundation eventually has to revert Earth to a less advanced, pre-Internet state and wipe humanity's memories to prevent more disasters.

Additional Context: It is implied that SCP-5111 was designed to prevent planets it arrives on from being noticed by a deep-space threat, possibly the WORM from WMDD's Proposal.

SCP-5111 was an entry in the SCP-5000 Contest, where it won 39th place.

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