Item #: SCP-5082

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Fence off Crater Lake National Park and Hotspots B through H to contain SCP-5082-1 instances. Keep SCP-5082-A contained on Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park.

Laconic Description: A ritual that grants a human subject (SCP-5082-A) the power to manipulate and move between universes. The US government discovers the ritual and tries to create a supersoldier with it, but mentally destroys him with the sheer amount of power he is given. SCP-5082-A's powers go out of control and merge other universes with sections of Crater Lake National Park, causing their inhabitants (SCP-5082-1 instances) to appear in our universe. The Foundation intervenes and contains -A.

Eventually another -A created hundreds of years ago appears, frees him, and fixes his mind, then both ascend upwards through the multiverse to battle against an unnamed extramultiversal threat.

Additional Context: SCP-5082 was an entry in the Exquisite Corpse Contest, where it won 27th place.

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