Item #: SCP-5074

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-5074 is given reasonable amenities and free use of writing utensils. If it writes about an uncontained anomaly, a MTF should be sent to contain it. Of note: it has recently been recently transferred into the care of Group of Interest Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

Laconic Description: SCP-5074 is a very smart chimpanzee who writes documentation about previously undiscovered anomalies for the Foundation.

Additional Context: From a few notes at the end, it's revealed that the SCP document wasn't produced by the Foundation but was instead produced by another individual — the son of SCP-5074, who is in the custody of Group of Interest Marshall, Carter and Dark. The article transitions to a page in the format of a Wilson's Wildlife Solutions "Critter Profile" about SCP-5074's mate and the writer of the documents' mother, who was able to produce large amounts of radiation to defend herself. It then shifts to a first-person prose perspective, in which the young chimp laments his capture and mistreatment in captivity.

After the chimp refuses to cooperate after several weeks, his primary captor decides to torture him into submission. Instead of having its desired effect, however, the torture awakens an inherited ability in the chimp. He finds that he is able to make his writings radioactive, and by writing on the walls of his cell is able to practically microwave his captor when he enters the room to euthanize him. Using a fedora with a cloaking property stolen from his captor, the chimp escapes.

The article then cuts to the perspective of SCP-5074, who is still alive and in Foundation custody, writing a poem for his family. Without warning, he gains knowledge of his son, and writes a short SCP document about him before completing his poem with a message of encouragement and paternal love. The article ends with excerpts from the young chimp's journal, in which he professes his desire to travel the world investigating and cataloguing anomalies as person of interest Nobody.

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