Item #: SCP-5058

Laconic Containment Procedures: Tracking devices will be put on SCP-5058 instances. Identified instances of SCP-5058 are to be captured and brought to the nearest Foundation site. These instances will then be mind-wiped and released

Laconic Description: SCP-5058 instances look like humans, but they don't act like humans (i.e. They usually have muscle spasms and randomly change their facial expression.) Their bodies also sometimes have missing or deformed organs. Within their heads is a small tumor-like growth that is used by them to transmit details of their daily lives to an unknown place.

Additional Context: The first SCP-5058 instances were first discovered in the US. it was also revealed that 2550 other instances were living around the world. Some of them also went missing but returned.

In one particular incident, a satellite that intercepted SCP-5058 communications broke, then started to send images to Foundation sites. The images made people sad and later made people unable to tell the difference between SCP-5058 instances and real people.

The image at the end shows a picture of the moon, implying that the aliens either live on the moon or are using the moon to study humans

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