Item #: SCP-5050-EX

Object Class: Explained

Laconic Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is this to be designated anything other than Explained. Effects from the SCP must be investigated fully to determine their true cause. No anomalous effects are to be attributed to the SCP and attempts at such will result in disciplinary actions.

Laconic Description: SCP-5050-EX is a 43-year-old Hispanic male named James Garcia who is a magician. SCP-5050-EX-1 is a humanoid entity that has reality-bending properties that provide Garcia with anomalous properties. These properties are given if one of Garcia's magic tricks are unsolved after 24 hours, thus causing all performances of that trick to be a result of the newly gained anomalous effects. Garcia is unaware of his new properties or SCP-5050-EX-1's involvement.

After the successful capture of SCP-5050-EX-1, it is questioned and its motivations are revealed to have begun as an answer to his prayers, and afterward, the entity grew romantically attached to Garcia, hoping these properties would result in Garcia noticing the entity.

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