Item #: SCP-5027

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-5027 is in a high-security humanoid chamber and cannot touch nearby containment cells and utility lines so that its effects do not spread.

Two Scranton Reality Anchors (SRA) are installed and if one fails, it must be repaired and replaced as soon as possible. Personnel cannot enter the containment chamber.

Laconic Description: SCP-5027 is a humanoid claiming to be a 27 year old man that had apparently died in a car accident. It is permanently in a state of being both alive and dead, a state it does not have any memory of obtaining. This state is visual and causes confusion over time.

When it touches objects or living organisms, it will enter the same state as 5027 and inanimate objects can transmit the effect. Living things cannot, and they will die after an hour.

SRAs removes the effects of inanimate objects as long as it is activated and randomly settles into one of its state, although living beings continue observing the same effect.

After 5027 was captured, investigations were made to his home city, later found to have completely experienced the same effects, being in a state of existence and non-existence. After SRAs were activated, the entire city became non-existent.

Later, 5027's effects spread to the whole site due to mechanical failure, similarly destroying the whole site. 5027 then attempted suicide with a blanket but failed, apparently given the blanket by some individual. It is revealed that his therapist gave it to him for comfort who in an incident touched 5027, killing her.

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