Item #: SCP-5002

Object Class: Neutralized

Laconic Containment Procedures: Figure out who murdered SCP-5002.

Laconic Description: The whole article summarizes Agent O'Connor's investigation into the murder of SCP-5002, a human SCP who's anomalous property caused any story she wrote and re-read to come true; be it a certain person doing a specific action, or a series of events, it will happen more or less how she wrote/read it.

Many logs and and transcripts detail O'Connor's investigation as she picks through six different suspects' activity on the night of the murder. In the end, she gathers all the suspects together and announces her findings, including who the killer is.

An additional addendum at the end from O'Connor notes that while SCP-5002 was monitored and forbidden from writing stories involving murder, she secretly wrote a secondary story inside a mundane one. O'Connor hypothesizes that the whole investigation may have actually been a story written by SCP-5002 to have herself killed poetically. The ending is left obscure and vague, and suggests that maybe even the reader is just something SCP-5002 wrote into existence.

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