Item #: SCP-5001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don't interfere with it anymore.

Laconic Description: SCP-5001 is a massive, extremely ancient subterranean structure located underneath Russia that acts as a massive containment chamber for an unidentified entity referred to as "The Devourer" by SCP-5001's computer system and SCP-5001-A by the Foundation. It is most likely that SCP-5001 is Mekhane's "heart" and that "The Devourer" is Yaldabaoth.

The Foundation and several groups of interest study it for years until an unknown source causes an explosion that cuts power to SCP-5001. A series of events follows in which -A almost breaches and the Foundation and SCP-5001 just barely manage to recontain it. SCP-5001's computer system leaves a message for the Foundation in which it kindly asks the Foundation not to poke around inside of it anymore, to ensure nothing like this happens again.

At the very end, it notes that reclassification of SCP-5001 to Archon is pending.

Additional Context: SCP-5001 was an entry in the SCP-5000 Contest, where it won 3rd place.

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