Item #: SCP-5000

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep it turned off and in a storage unit in Site-22. All data on SCP-5000 should be kept on secure servers.

Laconic Description: SCP-5000 is a heavily damaged Absolute Exclusion Harness created by the foundation. It used to have multiple abilities to benefit the user but due to damages, its only ability is file storage.

It first appeared in SCP-579's containment room in a flash of light containing a corpse of Pietro Wilson, an employee to the foundation, although he is still alive. Pietro has no memories of anything described in the data logs or SCP-5000 itself.

Archive 5000-1:

The archive details Pietro Wilson escaping Exclusionary Site 06, where he was working at the time, because MTF Zeta-19 was tasked to kill everyone there. He was the lone survivor, equipping SCP-5000, which was able to keep him safe.

After getting to a Foundation Safe House, Pietro received a broadcast from the Foundation sent out to the public, stating their old objective and also explaining their new objective: the termination of all life.

Immediately after, The Foundation released tons of deadly SCPs. Posting images of SCP-096's face on social media, releasing SCP-682, completely destroying SCP-2000, ordering SCP-662 to assassinate world leaders, etc.

After reaching Site-19 to get answers, (invisible due to SCP-5000), Pietro reaches some files which explain a few things about why the Foundation decided to kill everyone.

Pietro, for whatever unknown reason, he takes SCP-055 but SCP-5000 tells him to go to SCP-579. He doesn't know why he is doing this.

He comes across a log from inside a refugee camp, Ganzir, between a captured member of MTF-Omega-2 and 2 former foundation members, the log ends with the refugee camp apparently being destroyed and everyone inside it killed. The MTF member quotes SCP-682?

Pietro comes across what appears to be MTF members which have been made into praying mantis statue hybrid things which behave like SCP-173.

He then comes across Dr. Bright in the body of a teenage girl who explained the second file mentioned above was a memetic agent. He is planning on going to SCP-1437 to escape to another universe. They both leave in their own directions.

Pietro reaches Site-62C, where SCP-579 is supposed to be. He goes in and then proceeds to get chased by the Mantis Statue things. He jumps in to SCP-579's containment room and then dies from the fall.

Additional Context: SCP-5000 was Tanhony's entry in the SCP-5000 Contest, with the theme of "Mystery", where it won first place.

The image at the end of SCP-5000 contains a hidden message, encoded through steganography.

My hands shake as I hold the document. "This is confirmed?"

He nods. "We got the report from PNEUMA staff yesterday. It's everyone."

"Even us?"

"Even us, Tejani. To think I'd find myself agreeing with that damn lizard…"

"What do we do?"

"You know what we have to do. We'll have to disseminate a cure, I think, among personnel before we get things underway. It'll try to stop us otherwise."

"God help us, One."

"Don't be like that, Tejani. That's IT talking."

The passage is written from the perspective of Odongo Tejani1 and seems to detail dialogue between Tejani and O5-1 concerning an unknown "thing"2 discovered by Project PNEUMA. The "lizard" is known to be SCP-682.

Furthermore, another passage is hidden within the end of the source code.

You said invaded, right? Might be one of the last times that happens.


Don't say that. It must be worse for you. That's what everyone says after they find out something they don't like.

Jesus Christ.

It's not something that can be hashed out in a few hours, man. Can you be quiet for a minute? Of course I can't. No, not yet. The feeling of being invaded.

Why not?

Don't say that! Don't even talk about it.

We should have left well enough alone.

I keep thinking, like, it would be better to end it all. Not with what we found. How long are they going to take? But it's not like that. Everything I am. You know what they'll say.

It is me. It's over. It'll take time.

You're germophobic, right?

Did you get a reply? We shouldn't have looked. You too. I doubt anyone's going to be talking about anything else anymore.

I feel sick.

In other articles, such as SCP-2998, it is known that uniting SCP-055 and SCP-579 is able to reset the universe after a devastating event has occurred3. This may explain Pietro's fixation to do so; however, the cause of said fixation is unconfirmed.

Explanation: The heroic story of Pietro Wilson after escaping Exclusionary Site 06 Because of SCP-5000 he managed to save the world from Death.

In the articles like SCP-2998 if SCP-055 and SCP-579 are united it will reset the world from the scenario and stops it from happening. that means That Project PNEUMA was never released and IT was never found.

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