Item #: SCP-4997

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Research ways to kill or otherwise neutralize SCP-4997. If it successfully emerges from the Earth, use everything within 200km to try to kill it, and if it still doesn't die, prepare for the general public to become aware of the Foundation.

Laconic Description: SCP-4997 is a huge organism sleeping underneath Yellowstone National Park that emerges from and enters back into the Earth every couple million years. Research indicates it could be preparing to breach out soon and the Foundation doesn't have a way to stop it.

According to a Level-4 Security note at the bottom, SCP-4997 is actually one of several of its species that are sleeping beneath volcanoes worldwide and could initiate a series of disasters that could usher in an unstoppable anomaly-based end of the world.

Additional Information: The Level-4 note's indication that the anomalies will soon be uncontainable within just a few years or decades could be a reference to djkaktus's Proposal II, where it is predicted that anomalies will become too widespread in coming years to be effectively contained.

A part of the note also links to the Tale Alexandria Burning, in which a supervolcano erupting leads to SCP-4001 being destroyed, heavily implying that an instance of SCP-4997 was responsible for the eruption.

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