Item #: SCP-499

Laconic Containment Procedures: Give it enough room to push its ball and put a trench around its cell so it doesn't leave. Never interact with it during daytime unless absolutely necessary and wear a hazmat suit if you have to. Give it appropriate amounts of food, water and medication during nighttime.

Laconic Description: A completely burnt and scarred man in his 80s who can resist abnormally high heat levels and is effectively blind and mute due to over-exposure to light and inhaling too much smoke. It has regular old people problems such as a weak heart but also tons of healed broken bones and fractures.

499-2 is an extremely heavy large iron ball with meaningless symbols engraved all over it. It normally shouldn't be able to be moved by humans, but it can be even if it's hard. Every day at sunrise the ball will start to glow and heat incredibly intensely. The burnt man will then push it around in a circle roughly identical to that of the sun's trajectory. At sunset, it returns to a weirdly heavy iron ball again.

One time, the old man passed away for 30 minutes during daytime. While it was unconscious and the ball was unmoving, the sun wasn't seen to move at all, suggesting it either controls the sun's movement or our perception of it. It then woke up and began pushing the ball again and the sun started moving again too.

While the man just ignores everything around him, they once found a message in shit in his cell asking where his son and "the others" are. This is probably a reference to the variety of sun gods in mythology like Ra or Khepri in ancient egyptian mythos.

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