Item #: SCP-4983

Object Class: Safe

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep POI-4983 in a cell and try to make SCP-4983 more friendly toward him.

Laconic Description: A spectral eyeball that lives in a Japanese dude (POI-4983)'s butt. The eyeball is sentient and constantly tries to convince POI-4983 to expose his butthole from 9PM to 4AM every day. SCP-4983 can also manipulate the guy's lower body to a degree, causing POI-4983 various bodily pains, enable his butthole to shine with >800 lumins.

Notably, SCP-4983 can also control POI-4983's anal tissues to form a whole new limbs with which SCP-4983 does helps POI-4983 with stuff like shopping, communicating with strangers, and defending POI-4983 from attackers.

Additional Context: It is implied that SCP-4983 came to POI-4983 after he performed a ritual outlined in an ad a stranger gave him, and that SCP-4983's aim is to help POI-4983 build himself up.

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