Item #: SCP-4969

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep a small batch in cyro-freeze containment and keep an eye out for and confiscate any instances that are for sale or otherwise publicly available.

Laconic Description: A parasitic jellyfish that can function as a condom. If used by a male, they will become extremely aroused and experience drastically increased pleasure during intercourse, although there is reportedly a slight burning sensation when putting the object on. During sexual contact, cells will separate from SCP-4969 and enter the partner's bloodstream, regardless of the partner's willingness, gender, or fertility. The SCP-4969 cells will then grow and multiply into up to 500 instances within their new host's abdomen, then exiting the body after two months of gestation. Exiting methods can include puking, peeing, or pooping the instances out, and almost always leave the host scared and confused.

Additional Context: The item number SCP-4969 contains the number "69," a number often associated with sexual contact, which aligns with the article's themes of sexuality.

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