Item #: SCP-4900

Laconic Containment Procedures: The object rests on a steel podium in a steel reinforced bunker. It should only be accessed by O5. No audio equipment is allowed in the cell. SCP-4900 should be decoded by D-class who can read Indus Script. This is the only exception to the O5 rule.

Laconic Description: It's a five-sided obelisk made of black diorite. A single face is inscribed with Indus Script. It seems like there should be no more than 20 lines of text, but it doesn't show an upward limit of writing that exists on the obelisk. It has a record of every human life since ~3650 BCE, and when read from the middle, unless you know your position, is impossible to read. The author is expected to be omniscient.

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