Item #: SCP-489

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-489 is to be kept in a large containment unit at Site-113. A shower room is provided outside to prevent accidental insect intrusion by personnel.

Laconic Description: SCP-489 is a dome-shaped mass of insect repellant/killer with a damaged van in the center of the mass, which can move on its own.

The item will enter active state when there is an insect entering its radius (within five meters) and will attempt to kill the insect, although the item will most likely fail to do so because of the large number of items moving at once.

If the item fails to kill an insect, the individual items will became hostile to one another and begin hitting objects close to them. But if it succeds in killing the insect, retriever items (e.g. tweezer, shovel, etc) will bring the insect to the inside of the van. The inside of the van seems to be an extradimensional space that contains a lot of dead insects in glass jars stored on wooden shelves.

The item also can accept new insect repellant, but if it does then it will be harder for the item to move because of increasing mass of insect repellants.

Additional Context: There is a skeleton in the driver seat, that maybe the skeleton of the "Master" that mentioned in the list of specimens in the original post.

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