Item #: SCP-4870

Object Class: Safe (Previously Euclid)

Laconic Containment Procedures: Don’t let Site-17-B access this file or certain other files. Keep SCP-4870 well-fed in a animal cell.

Laconic Description: SCP-4870 is a Gopher Tortoise that automatically rewrites some text within 1 km of itself to include references to Gopher Tortoises if the text mentions reptiles, was written before 1998, refers to Site-17, or contains the words ‘subterranean,’ ‘substantially,’ or ‘densest.’

Additional Context: At first the Foundation thought the rewriting effect was an independent anomaly just affecting Site-17 and didn’t realize it was actually the tortoise’s anomalous effect until they found it had been living under Site-17 for a month. After finding it they moved it to another Site so Site-17’s documents wouldn’t be affected. Because of this fiasco two documents of SCP-4870 are provided; one from before they realized it was actually just a tortoise, and one from after they did.

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