Item #: SCP-4845

Laconic Containment Procedures: Wipe it from pictures of the Moon's surface. People at Site-120 or Site-1691 can eat there. In exchange for using its infinite power source, SCP-4845 is allowed to use Site-169's wifi.

Laconic Description: A Taco Bell on the Earth's Moon with infinite electricity, food, and air. Five people work inside of it and are all healthy despite eating nothing but Taco Bell. The assistant manager explains that the entire store was abducted and placed on the Moon one night several years ago and they've all been there since. The actual manager, a vaguely octopus-like alien, shows up eventually to check up on the staff and scares a Foundation guy so bad he poops his pants. It is implied that the alien might own other restaurants on other random celestial bodies as well.

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