Scp 4815 The @%%#% being

Item #: @%%#% or 4815

Object Class:^&*%

Special containment procedures:SCP 4815 is cepst with in a 14X14 Ft enclosure it has TV screens all over the area no staff or D-class personnel is allowed in SCP 4815 cell. In the case of containment breach nuke the entire area by a 400,000 M ratios.

Description: SCP 4815 is a humanoid figure with a hand instead of a head, SCP 4815's hands are made out of all of the materials around it except wood. SCP 4815 is afraid of eyes when looked at its' head hand will close causing a black and undescriptible color if looking at SCP 4815 by not looking at it directly such as a picture or video the object looking at it non directly will become SCP 4815-b the object and it only will hear a loud scream like tens of thousands of people all at once then slowly hands made out of what ever is around it will grab 4815-b and when the hands touch 4815-b the object will slowly melt if biological or disintegrate if mechanical the hands will also be the size appropriate for 4815-b then two days later 4815-b will appear in SCP 4815's cell if 4815-b is to see SCP 4815 they will immediately start shacking and saying everything they've done up to that point in !)-!))) seconds then there body will melt into five hands or faces each will be a different emotion shouting rubish. SCP 4815 then will start consuming the five parts of 4815-b until there is no evidence that they were there. SCP $*!% is able to speak after consuming SCP 4815-b in there voice it will have the memories of ever thing it ate it says it has human intelligence and is available for interrogation.during interrogation SCP $*1% will ask if it can eat the interrogators hand in return it will tell them anything they want to know if done so SCP 4815 will tell them anything and become 4815-c however if this happens any video audio or writing of the conversation will be unable to understand and will only be understandable by 4815-c even talking about it will be unable to understood.

Instead Int report 4815-@^#$^
SCP 4815 broke containment SPC killed every thing in the facility when about to escape SCP 4815 was exposed to radiation and stopped for 15 minutes for every 1 second of exposure then SCP 4815 was recovered and sent to replacement cell in @#$%^%$#.

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