Item #: SCP-4755

Object Class: Enochian (Item cannot be contained due to its properties constituting an aspect of baseline reality)

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Foundation is checking to see if people become aware of SCP-4755, but the anomaly is self-containing, so containment procedures are not really necessary. They are also concerned about the threat posed by a future version of MTF Tau-5 Irantu.

Laconic Description: SCP-4755 is the fact that every human thought is a subtle means containment of something. Functionally, every concept, emotion, deity, or philosophy is a containment procedure. This phenomenon appears to be written into the fabric of reality, suggesting that the universe has been altered significantly by a third party to create SCP-4755. The Foundation assumes the anomaly will be created in the future, but its effects have always existed.

Years after SCP-4755's discovery, the Foundation receives a transmission from a future version of MT Tau-5 Irantu, who explains that in the future, the Foundation ascends to a higher conceptual state and alters the universe, creating SCP-4755. The Irantu unit is likewise affected by this containment directive and must contain the future, conceptual Foundation, so he ascends to an even higher conceptual plane.

The Foundation is compelled to create SCP-4755 due to the threat of a temporal paradox, and are therefore "contained" by the future Foundation.

Additional Context: This is a part of the Site-17 Deepwell Catalog and continues the story of the Essophysics Department.

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