Item #: SCP-4692

Object Class: Euclid

Laconic Containment: Keep in a medical bed with an IV supplying SCP-4692-2 to the subject. Site-1169 has a backup generator in case power goes out. If the power goes out and the backup generator breaks, subject must be immediately taken to another site with power and medical facilities. People assigned to SCP-4692 should, but don't need to be, picked from a group of people tested for SCP-4692-3 and/or people who don't have family members who have lived in the United States within the last century.

If the power goes out, all effort should be made by the rest of the site to restore power. If anyone needs physical or psychological counseling, they are to be given it as needed. SCP-4692 asks people to kill it. Anyone asked this by SCP-4692 must report it to their supervisor.

Laconic Addendum-1: Due to climate change, plans are being made to move SCP-4692 to a location not prone to flooding or strong hurricanes.

Laconic Description: SCP-4692 is an elderly man, Jackson W. Parnell, 107 years old who appears to be half that age and is hooked up to a ventilator and IV solution to keep him alive. SCP-4692-2 is blood plasma from an unknown person who might be responsible for SCP-4692's current state. Samples of SCP-4692-2 were found with Mr. Parnell. Attempts to make a replacement solution for SCP-4692-2 will begin by December 2019.

If the ventilator or IV solution fail, Mr. Parnell will start to convulse, and any person who has been within a 1 to 1.2 meter radius of him will suddenly fall ill with symptoms similar to severe radiation sickness. Then they will gradually begin to dehydrate and rapidly decompose, with most of their body tissue liquifying.

After 40-55 minutes, blood relatives of the affected people will start to fall ill in the same way regardless of where they are. This also affects anyone who may have highly similar genetic structures or people who have received blood transfusions from the affected people.

All affected people who die due to SCP-4692 release an airborne version of SCP-4692-2, which is labelled SCP-4692-3. It is highly contagious and prefers hot and humid conditions.

Restoring Mr. Parnell's ventilator or IV solution will stop the bodily harm and deaths. Anyone who survives an outbreak or otherwise becomes infected by SCP-4692-3 will become permanently vulnerable to the physical damage if Parnell's medical equipment fails again.

Laconic Addendum-2: Relocation of SCP-4692 to Site-███ personnel was cancelled after Site Director Laveaux resigned. Personnel on site claim Laveaux resigned in protest of the move, but Laveaux claims Site-███ was not a good location as it was prone to flooding.

Laconic Addendum-3: A complaint was filed against Site Director Holt of Site-18104 claiming he purposely sabotaged equipment meant for SCP-4692 in order to prevent SCP-4692 from being moved to Site-18104. Holt claims the equipment was scheduled to be destroyed and the timing was coincidental.

Laconic Discovery: SCP-4692 was discovered at [REDACTED] apartment complex. A witness report indicates Mr. Parnell was calling for help and managed to get someone's attention. That person broke into the apartment, believing Mr. Parnell was in danger, and was persuaded by him to remove his ventilator. SCP-4692 then began its anomalous effects and multiple people within the vicinity began to fall ill and die.

Police reports from around the country reported similar symptoms and it was through the cross traffic that the Foundation realized there was a connection. Multiple individuals in several states were affected and a public health emergency was declared.

SCP-4692 was eventually resuscitated by the person who removed their ventilator. That individual survived long enough to give a detailed statement to police, then died. days later.

Laconic Addendum-4: No one wants to take in SCP-4692.

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