Item #: SCP-4666

Object Class: Keter

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep an eye out for and act on anything that could be SCP-4666 activity. If an SCP-4666 event is found in progress, all nearby MTFs are to engage SCP-4666 and attempt to capture it. Information of the anomaly is to be suppressed as classified data would normally be.

Laconic Description: SCP-4666 is a spooky naked old white guy that stalks the homes of families with at least one kid under the age of 8 living at or above 40°N during the Yule. He usually attacks, brutally tortures, and kills all members of the family except a single child under the age of 8, whom he will kidnap. Rarely he will just leave toys made of kidnapped children's body parts instead of attacking. The attacks are thought to have been going on at odd intervals since the 1400s.

An interview with one kidnapping survivor revealed that SCP-4666 treats kidnapped kids like Santa would his elves, making them make toys out of children that disobey him. The survivor died shortly after.

Additional Context: SCP-4666 was an entry in the SCP-4000, where it won 17th place. Happy Holidays.

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